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 100% Responsive Website Design & Development in WordPress or Joomla 
If you have a business, or are thinking about starting one, your marketing and advertising mix must include a professional, custom-designed website. Atlanta-based Inspired 2 Design creates websites that are affordable, effective, creative, and which compliment your company's brand. Contact Us to find out how marketing with a professionally designed or redesigned, responsive website WILL grow your business. 
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  • Poland Heating and Air
    Poland Heating and Air

    HVAC Company in Canton Georgia

    Poland Heating & Air required a content-management solution for their updated website in order to be both mobile responsive and to allow the client to maintain their own content.. The client wanted their site to also be search optimized.

  • Dangar Associates
    Dangar Associates

    Accounting Firm in Woodstock Georgia

    Dangar Associates needed a website that was easy to maintain, updated, search optimized and which represented the local character of the company. This Woodstock accounting firm website features a blog for tax tips, services and staff listings, and more.

  • Debt Free in 3
    Debt Free in 3

    Fundraising Campaign - Canton, Georgia

    The Debt Free in 3 Campaign concept was designed by the Canton First UMC Church and the branding expanded on by I2D. The organization required a content-management solution for their team to make campaign and funds raised updates, post blog entries with news and events, and be able to edit FAQs once the campaign was launched. The client also required extensive promotional materials for the campaign including pledge cards, letterhead, flyer, envelopes, banners, yard signs and indoor signs.

  • This is the Day
    This is the Day

    This is the Day Ministry

    A Ministry Workshop website that is based on Wordpress and is mobile friendly.

  • Elite European
    Elite European

    European Automotive Repair - Jasper, Georgia

    A design for an automotive repair business in Jasper that is search engine optimized and responsive for all mobile devices. Get your optimized blog website designed, written, hosted, and more with Sites in Bytes website design by Inspired 2 Design.

  • MerryMac Dog Training
    MerryMac Dog Training

    Dog Training Classes - Woodstock, Georgia

    MerryMac Dog Training required a content-management solution for their extensive training class schedules, updates and registration. The client wanted their site to be intuitive enough to limit sign ups to manage student counts, retain registration data and take care of payment. The site is optimized for search as well.

  • Joanna Goriss
    Joanna Goriss

    Real Estate Website, Parkland, Florida

    A site for a real estate agent in Broward County Florida. This video based, responsive website design in WordPress is lifestyle based in its messaging, rather than sales based. The site was designed to be easily accessible from any device as well as fast loading, despite the full-screen video. The CMS site is client-maintainable.

  • GOSS Heating & Air
    GOSS Heating & Air

    Heating and Cooling Company Website, Talking Rock, Georgia

    This redesigned website for Goss includes a newly designed logo for the Trane Comfort Specialist serving Cherokee and Pickens counties. The responsive WordPress website displays optimally on all devices, and has been optimized for local search. Inspired 2 Design also designed and printed the company's newly branded business cards, truck magnets, postcards, and manages its social media presence.

  • Lake Arrowhead Utility Company
    Lake Arrowhead Utility Company

    Utility Company Website, Waleska, Georgia

    This water company located in Cherokee County did not have a web presence. The responsive WordPress website we designed includes water conservation information, application for water service, and water quality reports. The CMS website is hosted by Inspired 2 Design, and is maintained by the client.

  • ACES Youth Home
    ACES Youth Home

    Non-Profit Organization Website, Jasper, Georgia

    ACES rebranded in 2017 and along with their new brand, a new website was designed to tell their story. Their new and responsive website design in WordPress is message based and shows the heart of the organization for the children and families they serve. The CMS site will load properly on any device and is client-maintainable. Inspired 2 Design offers discounted rates on all services for non-profit organizations. Contact Us for more details.

  • Stallings Industries
    Stallings Industries

    Manufacturer's Website, Jasper, Georgia

    A design facelift and reorganization was performed on this Joomla CMS website. The overall look was updated with product categories, clear call to action, and organized content. It's also search optimized, mobile friendly and viewable on any device.

  • Steel Stitch
    Steel Stitch

    Manufacturer's Website, Ball Ground, Georgia

    This Joomla CMS website was created to showcase the products manufactured in use. Overall additions are the product catalog created by Inspired 2 Design as well as a Photo Gallery. Inspired 2 Design also desiged the company's logo and used the branding to update the look of the SS website. This is a mobile responsive website so it is viewable on any device.

  • Morrison & Sons Landscaping
    Morrison & Sons Landscaping

    Landscaping Services - Canton, Georgia

    Morrison & Sons Landscaping website is a CMS Wordpress site illustrating the 20+ year old company's services. Their website design features a project gallery as well as a blog for posting articles, news and specials. The site features simple navigation, clean pages and a feeling of the outdoors!

  • Tate Aesthetics & Wellness Center
    Tate Aesthetics & Wellness Center

    Non-surgical Cosmetic Skincare Practice Website, Tate, Georgia

    In designing a site for Tate Aesthetics, we were tasked with creating a clean, easy to navigate and exceptionally user-friendly experience. The WordPress CMS site is responsive for mobile devices, optimized for search engines and easily expandable to grow with the client's service offering and staff.

  • The International Cast Polymer Association
    The International Cast Polymer Association

    Trade Organization Website, Woodstock, Georgia

    The ICPA website design was driven by the logo design by I2D. This extensive site features membership directory, advertising area with tracking, online payment and more. It's a fully functional site that allows the group to grow membership because it is a tool they can use to promote their member businesses. What's your website doing for your business or group? Call us if you need it to do more!

  • Integrity Air
    Integrity Air

    Heating and Cooling Contractor, Jasper, Georgia

    This redesigned website for Integrity Air is bright and colorful to provide brand consistency for the Jasper-based HVAC company. Site includes a blog for tips and specials. The WordPress website is search optimized and responsive to display on all devices. Inspired 2 Design provides website hosting and domain registration for many of our clients.

  • What's Done in the Dark
    What's Done in the Dark

    What's Done in the Dark - Author Website

    This is the a second site we designed for Dr. Williams Coach, Psychologist (click here to view details). This second site was designed for Dr. Williams new book, "What's Done in the Dark: Affair=Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity". Mobile friendly, designed for the Wordpress platform and includes Search Engine Optimization.

  • Holdheide Academy
    Holdheide Academy

    Preschool Website, Woodstock, Georgia

    A design facelift and reorganization was performed on this WordPress CMS site that is also search optimized and responsive for mobile devices. Get your optimized blog website designed. written, hosted, and more with Sites in Bytes website design by Inspired 2 Design.

  • WoodMaster

    Woodworking App for Android and iPhone

    WoodMaster is a Woodworking app for Android and iPhone that was designed by John and has become a very popular among the woodworking community. WoodMaster has been endorsed by online Woodworking magazines and several Woodworking sites across the Internet. The app was designed to give woodworkers a great woodworking toolbox on their mobile devices. The website is responsive and designed to display perfectly on any platform.


    Annual Conference Website

    The ICPA's POLYCON website design concept is fluid and fun. The WordPress site is client maintained to keep participants updated on the event activities, schedule, and registration which is managed right on the site. The site also includes and area for advertisers/sponsors with tracking online payment and more. Site is totally mobile responsive for on the go info and features a live Twitter feed to follow the event. It's a fully functional site that allows the group to grow annual attendance. Have an event you need to promote? Contact Inspired 2 Design.

  • North Metro Waste & Hauling
    North Metro Waste & Hauling

    Service Company Website, Ball Ground, Georgia

    A brand new site for a company that changed its basic services. This hyper local website design in Joomla works to direct customers to one of the companies three service offerings. The site is clean, concise, and search optimized. The CMS responsive template fits all screen sizes and is client-maintainable.

  • Diamond Castle of Woodstock
    Diamond Castle of Woodstock

    Jewelry Store Website, Woodstock, Georgia

    Clean, crisp and updated, this elegant WordPress site features, as all I2D sites, a custom designed template for the new store in Woodstock. The use of large photography in a slideshow highlighting the top departments featured at the Woodstock Jewelry store is enhanced by use of the company's diamond brand. This CMS site is responsive and optimized for local search.


  • Holiday Market
    Holiday Market

    Holiday Market - Jasper, Georgia

    An EXPO website design for businesses locally owned and operated by women. The website is based on the Joomla Content Management platform and mobile friendly.

  • Matt Hedrick Construction, LLC
    Matt Hedrick Construction, LLC

    Construction Company  Website - Canton, GA

    A website designed for MattMatt Hedrick Construction, LLC. A mobile friendly Wordpress site featuring a Project Photo Gallery.

  • Multiaqua, Inc
    Multiaqua, Inc

    Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems - Easley, South Carolina

    Technical website design features extensive catalog and product sheets, downloadable PDFs, technical Flash demos and more.

  • PXE (Pressure Exchange Ejector)
    PXE (Pressure Exchange Ejector)

    Water Cooled AC Systems

    This website incorporates a complex 3D interactive animation of a new technology that's not quite out of manufacturing yet. Roll your mouse over any part of the 3D model for detailed popups, one of which is an embedded 3D animation showing a liquid/gas conversion process. All of the 3D models and animation used on the website were custom created in-house at Inspired 2 Design according to the client's exact specifications. We encourage inventors to contact Inspired 2 Design for accurate models and animations illustrating their products both for patent applications and for manufacturing specifications.

  • Get It Together
    Get It Together

    Your Life & Family Estate Organizer, Canton, Georgia

    This unique and inventive product needed an online presence to complement the initial design work. We utilized the colors and fonts already selected for the workbook itself, and created a bright and easy to read website design that's appealing to all age groups, yet professional, clean and focused. This website features lots of copy, and photos to tell a story, but also has a PayPal buy now feature for online sales, and the website has been search engine optimized (SEO).

  • Absolutely Clean - Atlanta
    Absolutely Clean - Atlanta

    Cleaning Service in Dallas, Georgia

    Absolutely Clean is a Paulding county based commercial and residential cleaning company. The website design for Absolutely Clean incorporates the use of bright colors from the company's logo and printed marketing collateral. We used photographic touches to offset the cartoon logo and color scheme. We also encouraged the use of real client testimonials, and the owner's real life story to promote the credibility, longevity and reliability of the company. Includes a mobile-adaptive version of the site.

  • Canton-Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T
    Canton-Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T

    Seniors and Law Enforcement Together - non-profit 501c(3)

    A partnership of the Canton Police Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff?s Department, the Woodstock Police Department and others, addressing the needs and concerns of seniors in the Cherokee county community. This website is a powerful content management tool designed to allow the group to update their events via a Google Calendar RSS feed, and to add their own articles, class descriptions, photos or videos, press releases and so much more.

  • Gaines Park Assisted Living
    Gaines Park Assisted Living

    Assisted Living Center - Kennesaw, Georgia

    When Gaines Park needed to create a branded look for their marketing, they contacted Inspired 2 Design because we understand their market and their goals. The resulting logo design and website design offer an updated look for the Kennesaw company, as well as maintain a secure feeling of home. This website design features a private and public gallery, php forms, pdf links including resident information and calendars. The site features simple navigation, clean pages and a good overall feeling. Client maintained. Logo design by Inspired 2 Design

  • Word of Love
    Word of Love

    Prayer Ministry and eCommerce Book Sales, Roswell, Georgia

    This website re-design for Word of Love Ministries includes a total new look, using lighter colors, easier to read type, quick links and an online eCommerce store via Paypal for the many books and CDs available from the ministry. The website design is also easier to navigate, faster loading and more complete than before.

  • Demyen Family Chiropractic
    Demyen Family Chiropractic

    Chiropractic care center in Canton, Georgia

    This content management website was redesigned by I2D for marketability, usability, and easy navigation. This design enables the client to update their copy and photos, add health articles and add video. The new CMS website adheres to best practices for functionality, and makes it easy for visitors to navigate and locate information quickly without a lot of clicks or horizontal scrolling. Client maintained.

  • CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Boca/Delray
    CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Boca/Delray

    Professional carpet cleaning company

    This colorful and fresh website takes the CitruSolution colors and theme and makes it fun. The website design includes a slideshow banner, easy-to-navigate horizontal menu, and a consistent banner on the bottom of each page which using a basic sticky note, allows different messaging to be featured on each page of the website.

  • Endo Imaging Solutions LLC
    Endo Imaging Solutions LLC

    Medical Endoscope repair facility in Atlanta, Georgia

    This website design began with a logo design by I2D. The client was looking for a simple four page website that explained the services offered and the company's focus on repairs and customer service. The site includes custom graphics, video clips, photos, and basic contact form. As a startup company needing logo design, website design, business stationery design and business card printing, EIS found great value in putting their branding and marketing efforts in one place and has also had their business cards, letterhead and envelopes, designed by I2D.

  • Dr. Betsy Gard, Ph.D.
    Dr. Betsy Gard, Ph.D.

    Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia

    This website design for Dr. Gard is clean and professional, yet warm and friendly. Photos of the doctor and her office help the visitor get a feel as they read the extensive copy about her training and experience. This simple 6 page format gives the visitor a great deal of information while being easy to navigate and user-friendly. SEO was included on this project.

  • Live Clean, Inc.
    Live Clean, Inc.

    Commercial and residential cleaning services in Canton, Georgia

    This website was created using a content management system (CMS), designed so that Live Clean could add their own articles, information, cleaning tips, and company news. This website design captures the company's new branding.

  • The HOPE Center Supporter Site
    The HOPE Center Supporter Site

    The HOPE Center is located in Woodstock, Georgia

    This new supporter site for the Cherokee county non-profit group, The HOPE Center, features a clean yet colorful layout. The navigation is simple and easy to follow, and includes multiple opportunities which encourage visitors to click through to the inside pages. This new website design also features video, Flash animation, online donations, PDF links, interactive contact form, integrated Google calendar, geographically targeted search engine optimization, and more. Contact I2D to discuss your non-profit group's internet marketing.

  • K.E. Greene Mechanical / Hydronics
    K.E. Greene Mechanical / Hydronics

    Heating, Cooling and Hot Water Contractor in Holly Springs, Georgia

    This redesigned website for K.E. Greene includes a fresh new design for the company, a flash photo gallery, separate PHP forms for contact requests and requests for service, and an onsite blog that's integrated into RSS feeds populating the individual pages of the site based on category. This site is stocked-full of content and backlinks to manufacturers and suppliers. Inspired 2 Design provides website hosting and domain registration for most of our clients.

  • The Crown Business Group
    The Crown Business Group

    Business Brokerage and Business Consulting in Atlanta

    Crown's newly redesigned website focuses on business. The use of blue and gold indicate strength and richness while the overall layout is clean and professional. This new website design includes social media links, a Wordpress blog installed, and several pages about the company and its services.

  • Next Step Ministries
    Next Step Ministries

    Non-profit organization in Woodstock, Georgia

    Next Step Ministries works with special needs children to provide them a safe and loving place to go after high school. The ministry was in need of a more economical website solution that really represented their heart. Inspired 2 Design is proud to be a partner in their mission and trusts their new Content Management System (CMS) website will serve their growing needs for many years to come. The new website design is easy to navigate and really makes information easy for families and supporters. Our 2010 pro-bono website.

  • Chamberhouse Gifts & Antiques
    Chamberhouse Gifts & Antiques

    Retail Gift Shop in historic downtown Canton, Georgia

    The website design for the Chamberhouse retail store in Cherokee county was created to match the charm of the store, with its old-world classic feel. Branding was important to this Canton icon. The site has a basic brochure style and features social media links, newsletter sign up through Constant Contact and a link to an offsite Blog. We do recommend hosting your blog on your website for best results, however.

  • Little River / Peachtree Corners / Big Creek Animal Hospitals
    Little River / Peachtree Corners / Big Creek Animal Hospitals

    Veterinarians / Pet Services Website, Alpharetta, Norcross & Cumming, Georgia

    This triple location site posed a unique challenge for the website design. Having three locations with somewhat different identities, yet identical services made it necessary to create a special type of home page that incorporated all locations and actually highlights them rather than downplays them. This website features customized slideshows, custom 3D "globe" map, and a fresh, fun and colorful interface that makes the visitor feel good about the business. Company logos designed by Inspired 2 Design.

  • Cherokee County Volunteer Aging Council (VAC)
    Cherokee County Volunteer Aging Council (VAC)

    Non-profit organization in Cherokee County, Georgia

    The redesigned and updated website for the Cherokee county VAC is a content management system which allows the VAC member to handle updates to the content of the site. The non-profit website was designed for professionalism, ease of navigation, and includes an interactive calendar, donate and buy now buttons, and more. This new site will allow the organization to make regular and timely updates to the Senior group's events, fundraisers, needs list, and of course, their success stories. Inspired 2 Design is happy to work with most non-profit organizations by offering discounted rates.

  • U Good Dog U Dog Training
    U Good Dog U Dog Training

    Dog training company in Ashville, North Carolina

    U Good Dog U is the result of rebranding the trainer's original company. The branding update included a logo, color scheme, tagline, brochure and ultimately a website redesign. The website has brightness, reads well, is quick to navigate and fun to browse. Search engine optimization make this site competitive in the Ashville market. If your company's marketing materials need an update, a facelift or just some equalizing, contact Inspired 2 Design - your small business branding and design partner. Mobile adaptive. Logo also designed by Inspired 2 Design, LLC

  • Dr. Charles Williams, Ph.D.
    Dr. Charles Williams, Ph.D.

    Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist in Athens, Georgia

    This website design for Dr. Williams captures and highlights the peaceful tranquility sought using warm colors and lots of the doctor's original photography. Optimized for search engines in Athens, this therapists' website is full of information and calls for prospective patients to take the next step. Wordpress blog recently added!

  • EGE Electric
    EGE Electric

    Electrical Contractor - Woodstock, Georgia

    Local electrician services residential, commercial and industrial locations with all types of electrical installation, repairs, and maintenance. This website design is bold and three dimensional to mimic the company's existing logo and business card design. We programmed an online customer satisfaction survey so the company can follow-up easily and receive responses via Email. This site received search engine optimization as well for the north metro Atlanta area. Mobile adaptive as well.

  • Lighthouse Cabinets & Countertops
    Lighthouse Cabinets & Countertops

    Custom Cabinets and Countertops, Canton, Georgia

    LC&C was looking for a clean, polished and professional design for its website, one which would attract commercial clients in the hospitality industry as well as architects and planners. This site utilizes the client's supplied photographs throughout to truly offer an experience of the quality craftsmanship and custom designs of the manufacturing process.

  • Innovative Fragrances, Inc.
    Innovative Fragrances, Inc.

    Essential Oils and Fragrance Manufacturer in Ball Ground, Georgia

    This website for IFI starts with the company's branding and logo design by Inspired 2 Design. We've created a CMS website for IFI that will allow the company to expand its web presence internally, as well as to add and update content on a regular basis without any special programs or training. The site features a clean design, large images and a password protected login area for IFI clients to access forms and other materials/info. Atlanta logo design by Inspired 2 Design

  • CJT Software
    CJT Software

    Georgia Court Software Developers in Canton, Georgia

    CJT underwent a name and branding update after over 10 years in business and Inspired 2 Design was contracted to update develop and make the new brand pop. We helped CJT by designing their logo and design/printing business cards, business stationery, presentation folders, tradeshow banners, and their new website. The company plans to attend several tradeshows each year and they're ready to go with their dynamic new brand.

  • Pets Premier Mobile Veterinarian
    Pets Premier Mobile Veterinarian

    Mobile Vet Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia

    This Wordpress-based blog website features a customized design with slideshow, Atlanta search engine optimization, Google Analytics, and more. The site is an enhanced, adaptive website for mobile devices.

  • JDT Advanced Driving Systems
    JDT Advanced Driving Systems

    Corporate Driving School in Atlanta, Georgia

    Just Driver Training wanted a second website specifically branded as JDT Advanced and designed to attract corporations and large companies. This website features a sleek, easy to navigate design with specific courses available for corporations and businesses.

  • Auto World Auto Parts
    Auto World Auto Parts

    Retail Car, Truck and Small Engine Parts in Ball Ground, Georgia

    Auto World in northern Cherokee County needed a professional website that would speak to the company's years in business and down-home customer service and friendly staff. The company's product features and an area for events/news was also important. This JOOMLA CMS website is managed by the client with no special programs or training required.

  • Dunlap Associates Engineers
    Dunlap Associates Engineers

    Consulting Engineering Firm in Kennesaw, Georgia

    This Cobb county based engineering firm needed an updated look for its small brochure-style website. I2D incorporated the firm's art and design into the overall design of the website which was completed in less than 7 days.

  • One Hour Signs, Inc
    One Hour Signs, Inc

    Signs, Banners and Vehicle Graphics in Marietta, Georgia

    This re-designed Joomla CMS website is stock full of information and product galleries that represent the huge range of products offered by this local sign company. A mobile responsive website was included as well as Cobb, North Fulton and Cherokee search engine optimization.

  • Anthony Korey.com
    Anthony Korey.com

    Author in Canton, Georgia

    This Wordpress-based blog website features a customiz designed template that specifically will work to sell the author's book and allow him to post updates, events, new releases, book signings and more. The site is adaptive for mobile devices.

  • Stephanie Swann
    Stephanie Swann

    Psychological Services in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Architectual Shade Products
    Architectual Shade Products

    Industrial Shades and Awnings Manufacturer in Ball Ground, Georgia.

    ASP's image heavy website capitalizes on their quality photography in a modern, parallax style website design. The local business website features both on-page content and off-page galleries to showcase their various product lines.

  • Summit Insurance Group
    Summit Insurance Group

    Insurance Broker in Canton, Georgia.

    A design facelift and reorganization was performed on this Joomla CMS website. The overall look was updated with clear calls to action, and more organized content. Graphical icons were added for quick reference.

  • Universal Pumping
    Universal Pumping

    Custom Pump Solutions for Industry in Woodstock, Georgia.

    Universal Pumping needed an updated website that was cutting edge, but one which simplified the complexity of their product offering and vendors. This new site was created as a static HTML site with slideshow, video and more interactivity.

  • Forever Grateful Ministries
    Forever Grateful Ministries

    Christian Ministry, Canton, Georgia.

    This ongoing ministry needed a website that was professional, easy to use, informational and easy to update. We provided a Wordpress CMS solution with the addition of a donation link via PayPal.

  • Simply Organized
    Simply Organized

    Professional Organizer and Senior Move Manager in Cumming, Georgia

    This Wordpress CMS blog site features 100% customized template design, custom graphics (including the 3D houses on the home page), and use of non-standard web fonts - successfully. Wordpress makes it easy for a client to add content on a regular basis, thus enhancing search engine rankings and traffic overall as sites with blogs get 55% more traffic than sites without. This website design is perfectly branded for the client and utilizes the circle theme and fun bright color scheme throughout.

  • The Sedona Corporation
    The Sedona Corporation

    Custom Home Builder in Atlanta, Georgia

    This website design for the upscale, custom Atlanta builder features a clean and crisp interface utilizing a home page slideshow as well as a portfolio of completed homes and a place for featuring spec homes for sale now. This design is simple and straightforward and onsite SEO has it ranked on page 1 of Google for its keywords.

  • Just Driver Training
    Just Driver Training

    Driving School - Canton, Georgia

    Driving school in north metro Atlanta provides online, classroom, and behind-the-wheel training for all levels of drivers in Cherokee county. Their new website design focuses on the visitor's experience as an internet marketing tool. We've simplified navigation on this complex website, given it a fresh new look that's in-line with the company's brand image, and added interactivity. This site was search engine optimized for geographically targeted results and has proven to prompt calls from all over metro Atlanta. Mobile adaptive for phones and tablets.

  • Smithwick Crossing Homeowners Association
    Smithwick Crossing Homeowners Association

    Homeowners Association - Ball Ground, Georgia

    The website designed was created to be a prime communication tool for the HOA Board and the homeowners they serve. Includes online covenants, interactive forms, and quarterly newsletter archive. Also included is an interactive calendar of events that anyone on the board can update. Mobile adaptive.

  • Tony Couch Fine Art, Inc.
    Tony Couch Fine Art, Inc.

    Watercolor Artist & Teacher in Cumming, Georgia

    Tony's website design is a content managed site so the artist can make his frequent updates to workshops taught around the U.S. This CMS website features DVDs and videos for sale via PayPal as well as other interactive features. The website design takes full advantage of the artist's work which is used both as a backdrop and in the forefront of each of the website pages. Mobile adaptive for smartphones and tablets.

  • Canton Heights Dental
    Canton Heights Dental

    Dental Office in Canton, Georgia

    A Sites-in-Bytes website based in Wordpress, this search optimized CMS website was designed and built for free! Includes multiple information and patient pages, blog area, forms, mobile responsiveness, Google Analytics, and more.