Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Inspired 2 Design™?

Inspired 2 Design™, or I2D, is an advertising agency located in Cherokee County just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. We have deep roots in South Florida as well and frequently travel there for client meetings. We provide website development, graphic design, printing, multimedia and complete advertising and marketing services. With over 20 years in creative services and advertising, you can be assured of our experience. To review our client list, click here. We are a member in good standing of the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce and  BBB accredited. Our portfolio is available online: click here to see some samples of our work.

My business isn’t in Florida or Georgia, can we still work together?

Of course! We have clients located in South Florida and in the Atlanta area. We also service clients in California, New York, New Mexico, South Carolina, Washington and Illinois. We are very comfortable discussing your needs over the phone, by email or via a video conference. We often post marketing material to the client login area of our website for review and approval. Rest assured, you will receive full advertising supply and service, regardless of distance.

What is a Complete Advertising Solution?

With Inspired 2 Design™ you’ll find exactly what you need to promote your company, product or service – no more, no less. We take the time to learn about your business model, customer base, and competition, and develop a complete package that meets ALL your advertising promotion needs. We provide a seamless experience from print to web advertising that includes integrated brand promotion.

With over 20 years experience in the advertising business marketing products and companies, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face. In fact, we started Inspired 2 Design specifically to address your needs. Also, we often suggest various viral marketing ideas to our clients, encouraging you to take advantage of what’s available in today’s free advertising arena.  You’re the expert in what you do, let Inspired 2 Design tell the world about it.

I'm just getting started in my business, what can an advertising agency do for me?

Congratulations on your new venture! Making the move to start your own businesses is great, and Inspired 2 Design is here to help. We know how exciting it is, and how scary it can be. If you’ve developed your business plan and/or attended some seminars on starting up, you know how important your marketing and advertising decisions are.We love what we do here in Georgia and we’re inspired by your move to design your brand identity, create a logo, develop your business stationery and cover all the bases.

We can offer printing services in addition to graphic design and internet advertising and consulting. Together we’ll review your budget and develop a marketing plan that fits – including your web solution, direct mail brochure or catalog, publication ads, menu, flyer, and we’ll teach you how to gain and use customer information for future marketing and advertising. Your experience and expertise gets your business going, ours lets people know about it..

What can a website do for my small business?

Whether you serve a local market or a worldwide one, having a website keeps you in touch with existing customers and creates new opportunities by exposing your company to prospective customers every day, without any additional marketing time or effort from you. With a website, it no longer matters where your business is located, you can reach customers across the globe. Your site is literally an extension of your store, and the right website will maximize your advertising budget by providing 24/7 access to your goods and services, handle customer service functions, give your company unlimited exposure, and give you an opportunity to grow.Keep in mind, today’s consumer and business customer EXPECTS you to be online.

More and more, savvy buyers are comparison shopping, researching products and services, and making purchase decisions based on information from the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you have a retail store, restaurant, service oriented company or other business model, the internet is rapidly outpacing traditional advertising in dollars spent annually according to the Direct Marketers Association. Your competitor is either already online or will be soon. So don’t you miss out, contact I2D for a web solution today. The Inspired 2 Design™ Advantage means your custom, original and professional website is affordable, and includes many features that other companies charge extra for. Don't be fooled by a low cost first bid by a "web company". Inspired 2 Design is more than just websites, our experience proves it!

Why should I hire an agency, why can't I just do it myself?

There are many do-it-yourself programs out there available for creating your own website. With some time and patience you could try your hand at building your website. However, if you’re a fashion designer you wouldn’t do your own plumbing, so why would you attempt website design? A professionally designed website makes a great first impression with customers and prospects. A professional knows how to develop a user friendly website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and is ready for search engines to find. Your site is an extension of your store, your brand and your company. You’re certainly an expert in your business, and I2D is the expert in ours.

We can help you put your best face forward, and blow away the competition. Every site from I2D is a custom web design with your needs, image and budget in mind. We take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

Now that I’ve decided to get a website, what do I use it for?

Spreading the word about your company is the first priority, so #1 is Increase Visibility.  You’ll also want to include information on your goods and services so #2 is Increase Awareness. Ready to sell? We'll develop your ecommerce website  with an easy to maintain online product catalog  and shopping cart linked to your merchant account or PayPal.Your custom web design is unique to your business. Your website can sell products, outline services, handle customer service, provide product specifications, give instructions, warranty info, service schedules, and so much more.

Inspired 2 Design provides complete turnkey advertising services – we can do the copy, layout and photography for you – in addition to the online advertising. Contact I2D for a Consultation, we’ll discuss your specific needs and wants, together we’ll explore the possibilities and then customize a package to turn possibilities into realities.

I already have a website, what do I need I2D for?

If you already have a presence online, FANTASTIC! Hopefully traffic is heavy and conversion rates are high. But if not, let I2D refresh and redirect your internet presence and create a site that will meet your justifiably high expectations with better search engine optimization, more interactive features, better usability and functionality, and an updated look and feel. We also offer Email marketing campaigns, streaming video presentations, product demos, animated product demos, specialty promotions and more! But Inspired 2 Design is more than an internet advertising company. We also provide complete graphic design and print services for business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, postcards, product sheets, trade shows, and more.

Contact I2D for a Consultation and we’ll review your vision and goals, your current site and give you professional marketing recommendations: (770) 781-3452.

What kind of work has I2D done for other companies?

I2D offers complete turnkey services for print and electronic advertising. We have over 20 years experience working for national companies like abc distributing, Black and Decker, Hollywood Pavilion and have helped smaller businesses get branded, promoted and online. Let us put our experience to work for you with a new or updated campaign featuring company branding and identity creation, direct mail advertising, catalog design and production, publication ad design and placement, copywriting and full service graphic design service for menus, newsletters, in-store displays, kiosks and trade shows. Take a look at our samples, read our client testimonials.

We create multimedia presentations for sales meetings and kiosks. We will handle as little or as much of the job as you want, including printing services, mailing, web hosting and maintenance, photography and video services. Our custom 3D product models and 3D animations are popular for product developers, manufacturers and inventors. We’ll bring your idea to life so you can present your creations to venture capitalists, manufacturers and for sales presentations.

Click here for a complete list of services. Contact us whenever you have advertising needs, and we’ll customize a plan for your company and your budget.

Sounds expensive. What’s all this going to cost me?

Inspired 2 Design was created to serve the needs of small business and startup companies. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you. Your package is customized to Your budget — so, we’ll NEVER offer a quote that you haven’t discussed during our initial consultation. We want you to get the most bang for your buck, so that’s how we plan each package. We often recommend A La Carte services to round out and enhance the effectiveness of your campaign. Professional design pays, so don’t waste time and money grasping at straws with your marketing.

Review our convenient Payment Terms online.

Okay, I’m convinced, how do we get started?

If you haven’t already done so, call us at (770) 781-3452 or Click Here to Contact Us and request a Consultation. We’ll discuss your business model, customer base, current marketing and advertising, your specific goals, budget and timeline to gain insight for what type of solution best suits your company. I2D will then develop a custom package and price quote for your approval. Once you’ve approved the package, we go to work.


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