There's No Business like eBusiness

Huh? eBusiness?

Simply put, eBusiness is the utilization of the internet to raise awareness about your company and push prospects closer to buying from you. Whereas eCommerce refers to completing a sale of a product or service online, eBusiness is used by service professionals to save time and money converting prospects into clients.

eBusiness eliminates time spent answering customer questions on the phone – simply place info and frequently asked questions on your company’s website where customers and prospective customers can access the info 24/7.  Use your website to show off your client list, testimonials, workmanship, endorsements and more.  Make sure you have an area of your site that speaks about your industry. In other words, use the web to position yourself as an expert in your field.  Becoming a valuable resource for information will keep visitors coming back to your site.  Ask for contact information and eMail addresses from visitors, and get permission to send them free information, specials, news, coupons and more via eMail.  Keep in touch and get your name out there in front of the prospects as often as you can in order to push conversion rates up.  The eBusiness possibilities are endless for the creative minded business owner.

It’s so important to note that customers buy when THEY are ready to buy, NOT when you are ready to sell. BUT, if you’re ready at every moment by really utilizing your website, you boost your chance of being in front of that consumer when they make the move.

Inspired 2 Design is available for website revisions, redesigns and revamps – even if you’re just thinking about doing something to increase the value of your online marketing. Make your new year’s resolution to stop making resolutions, and get revitalized in 2009 with your marketing efforts, call 770-781-3452 and set up a time to discuss your the possibilities for your business.

Happy New Year!